Psyched Services is a team of professionals who are knowledgeable about special education and experienced working in schools under SELPA and district guidelines. We maintain clear communication with staff and parents to provide a seamless service.

We understand the structures and demands of the day-to-day functioning of schools, which enables us to operate as effectively as site-based employees.

Assessment services for schools

Psychoeducational Assessments

We believe psychoeducational assessments are a helpful tool to assist IEP teams in making eligibility and programming decisions. We offer psychoeducational assessments, educationally related mental health services (ERMHS) assessments, and independent educational evaluations (IEEs).

We have developed a unique, collaborative assessment model to efficiently deliver an evaluation supported by best practices. A lead psychologist completes the direct testing, observations and interviews. A support psychologist works remotely with them every step of the way. Through their joint efforts, a high-quality report is provided to you.

Naturally, our collaborative model also includes parents and school staff, the experts on the student. Collaboration happens throughout the entire process so we can deliver the best possible results.

We are committed to providing realistic recommendations based on our comprehensive understanding of the school environment. Our assessments are competitively priced and we offer discounted rates for districts who purchase multiple assessments in a school year.  Please contact us if you need an expedited assessment.

We also offer Pocket Coaching to support staff with goal writing, developing data sheets, and implementing intervention recommendations. Pocket Coaching provides your staff access to a school psychologist via a HIPAA compliant video conferencing platform. Sessions will be scheduled based on your staff’s needs.

Collaboration Diagram

Functional Behavior Assessments (FBAs)

FBAs are instrumental in understanding why a student engages in problem behaviors or has skill deficits. We provide FBAs conducted by board certified behavior analysts (BCBAs). Utilizing the results of the assessment, we work with the team to develop a behavior plan with practical, evidence-based strategies.

We also offer Pocket Coaching to support staff in implementing the behavior intervention plan. Pocket Coaching is a convenient and solution-oriented tool that provides your staff access to a behavior expert via video conferencing or phone. The length and number of Pocket Coaching sessions is tailored to meet your staff’s needs.