We understand that as a caregiver you want the best for your child. Your concerns and goals help guide our services to result in more meaningful outcomes.

We know that your time is valuable and offer remote-based and in-home services to better accommodate your busy schedule.

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Psychoeducational Assessments

Psychoeducational assessments consist of a battery of tests, rating scales, interviews, and observations.

These tools assess your child’s functioning in the areas of cognitive processing, academic, social-emotional, behavioral, and adaptive skills. Based on our assessment results, we diagnose psychological disorders related to academic learning processes. While diagnoses are needed for access to services, our assessments go beyond labels.

Our assessments focus on the strengths and needs of the individual and result in evidence-based recommendations and action-oriented plans to help your child be successful. Our team consists of highly-qualified educational psychologists who have experience working in schools and are knowledgeable about learning environments and special education law. Our specialists understand how to effectively consult with school staff and provide recommendations that are useful to both families and schools. We are fully committed to working together to strengthen the home and school connection.

We have developed a unique, collaborative assessment model to efficiently deliver an evaluation supported by best practices. A lead psychologist completes the direct testing, observations and interviews. A support psychologist works remotely with them every step of the way. Through their joint efforts, a high-quality report is provided to you.

Of course, our collaborative model also includes you, the expert on your child. Collaboration happens throughout the entire process so we can deliver the best possible results.

We offer convenience and flexibility. Direct testing will be completed in your home or at an office near you. Rating scales and questionnaires will be emailed to you and interviews and feedback sessions will be held remotely via a HIPAA compliant video conferencing platform.

In a collaborative, web-based feedback session we review your child’s strengths, needs, and recommended supports. We strive to empower learners and therefore can include your child in this feedback session. We provide you with a detailed report that you can share with other specialists who work with your child (teachers, therapists, physicians). We believe the value of an assessment is enhanced when all parties involved in your child’s education have an opportunity to review and discuss the results. Thus, we are happy to offer additional web-based meetings at your request.

Pocket Coaching

Get the expertise of learning and behavior specialists in the palm of your hands.

Pocket Coaching is an effective tool for caregivers who would like to strengthen their child’s study skills, independence with chores and routines, social and emotional skills, and behavioral functioning. Our services are designed to empower parents through education, training and support. Pocket Coaching sessions are conducted via a HIPAA compliant video conferencing platform, last 50-minutes and are scheduled at a time convenient to you. Our approach is based on applied behavior analysis (ABA), which research supports as a viable and effective method for teaching permanent behavior change. All our learning coaches have advanced degrees in psychology, behavior analysis or education and are board certified. Pocket Coaching is enhanced by the power of collaboration as we have created a unique learning community where coaches work together to deliver the highest-quality service to you.

During our first few sessions, we complete an evaluation of your child’s problem behaviors and strengths, skills you would like to teach or enhance and your parenting needs. This will include interviews, forms, and/or checklists as well as data collected at home by you. After the evaluation is complete, you will receive a written treatment plan. We are committed to providing you practical recommendations in an accessible, easy to understand format.

Additional coaching sessions focus on supporting you in implementing the treatment plan. Our approach is solution-oriented and designed to give you the tools needed to accomplish your goals in as few sessions as possible. We believe the power of an intervention is enhanced when all parties involved in your child’s care have an opportunity to participate. Telecoaching allows for participants to join sessions from different locations. However, we understand this may not always be feasible at the same time and are happy to offer additional sessions with other caregivers at your request.

Follow-up coaching sessions include training in the basics of ABA and direct practice of skills as needed. We also work with you to develop accountability strategies and are available in between sessions via phone, text, or email. We partner with you through ongoing data collection in order to evaluate the effectiveness of the plan. You and your coach will decide when the time is right to discontinue services.

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