Four FREE We are offering FREE Webinars in October and November for families, educators, special education directors, and school psychologists to support you during this unprecedented school year.

For Families: Supporting Virtual Instruction

10/27/2020  9:00-10:30am (PST)

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Unexpected school closures and the sudden shift to virtual instruction has caused stress, frustration, uncertainty, and fatigue for many families. Virtual instruction comes with its own set of challenges, but there are useful strategies that can reduce tension and help maintain the connection between home and school. This webinar will provide families with methods for setting up schedules and routines for supporting distance and hybrid learning. We will go beyond just creating a calendar, by identifying specific ways to make schedules more rewarding and providing ideas to unwind and return to more normal home routines once the school day is complete. Participants will leave with strategies and resources they can use to set up a behaviorally-based learning environment at home.

For Families: Breaking the Patterns of Anxiety

10/28/2020  11:00am-1:00pm (PST)

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Looking for ways to stop your child’s worry cycle? In this webinar, you will learn the role you play as a parent in your child’s mental health as well as tips, tools, and language to use in order to break the patterns of anxiety in your home.

For School Psychologists, Trainees, & Special Educators: Promoting Inclusivity for Trans and Nonbinary Students

11/10/2020  1:00-2:00pm (PST)

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Need some tips to support gender expansive students? Join us to learn useful, easy-to-implement tools to learn more about pronoun usage, promote gender inclusivity on your campus and to ensure your reports are student-centered and ethically informed.

For School Psychologists & Administrators: COVID-19 Related Legal Updates 

11/12/2020  8:00-9:30am (PST)

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The field of special education has historically been heavily influenced by the law and most professionals routinely keep abreast of legal updates; however, COVID-19 is challenging even the most legal savvy professional. Updates, changes, and new case law are emerging almost weekly, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to balance the requirements of the law while continuing to practice ethically. During this session participants will be provided with an overview of current relevant case law and an opportunity for brief discussion and Q&A. 

For Families with Young Children: Positively Addressing Behavior at Home 

11/17/2020  5:00-6:00pm (PST)

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Parenting young children often seems like the hardest and most exhausting task in the world. Developmentally, children start to test boundaries, explore friendships, and develop independence during the preschool years. It is sometimes difficult to know how to establish boundaries yet still foster independence, emotional maturity, and personality. During this session, caregivers will be provided with strategies to help reduce emotional meltdowns and power struggles and promote independence and problem-solving.

For Families: Supporting Virtual Instruction – Advanced Applications

11/18/2020  4:00-5:30pm (PST)

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This webinar is designed to be attended after Virtual Instruction Part 1. 

Questions about how to problem solve activity scheduling and providing reinforcement breaks will be addressed. Additionally, caregivers will be given an opportunity to ask questions about existing reinforcement menus and receive guidance about roadblocks they may have encountered. The ultimate goal remains focused on alleviating power struggles and making a distinction between home and school time. 

For PreK Teachers: Teaching Through Play

11/19/2020  5:00-5:30pm (PST)

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Teaching Skills, Teaching Fun. Join us for an engaging workshop on how to boost learning during playtime! We’ll share our top tips for building skills through play including attending, turn-taking, following directions, and language building.