Supporting Virtual Instruction: Webinar For Families

Unexpected school closures and the sudden shift to virtual instruction has caused stress, frustration, uncertainty, and fatigue for many families. Virtual instruction comes with its own set of challenges, but there are useful strategies that can reduce tension and help maintain the connection between home and school. This webinar will provide families with methods for setting up schedules and routines for supporting distance and hybrid learning. We will go beyond just creating a calendar, by identifying specific ways to make schedules more rewarding and providing ideas to unwind and return to more normal home routines once the school day is complete. Participants will leave with strategies and resources they can use to set up a behaviorally-based learning environment at home.

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Promoting Inclusivity For Trans & Nonbinary Students Webinar

Need some tips to support gender expansive students? This webinar offers useful, easy-to-implement tools to learn more about pronoun usage, promote gender inclusivity on your campus and to ensure your reports are student-centered and ethically informed.

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The field of special education has historically been heavily influenced by the law and most professionals routinely keep abreast of legal updates; however, the global pandemic is challenging even the most legal savvy professional. Updates, changes, and new case law are emerging almost every week and it is becoming increasingly more difficult to balance the requirements of the law and still continue to practice ethically. This webinar provides an overview of current relevant case law.

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Improving Sibling Relationships (Multiple Sessions)

Tired of being the peacemaker between your kids' conflicts? Learn what causes sibling rivalry and how to do our 3 top tips for improving sibling relationships in your home. Psyched Services is hosting two webinars, one for parents & caregivers with children ages 2-10 and one for those with children ages 11-15. We will teach 3 strategies that you can do right now to create more calm! Visual handouts will be included.

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Words Matter: Gender Inclusivity in Meetings and Reports

If you’re ready to take the next step to promoting gender inclusivity and want some specific, easy-to-implement strategies you can implement immediately, this training is for you! Learn how to set a gender-inclusive tone in meetings, how to become comfortable with asking people for their pronouns, and how to write emails and reports that are inclusive and legally defensible.

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Building School-Based Mental Health Services

Addressing the social, emotional and psychological wellness of children in school settings has never been more relevant than it is today. This webinar will introduce program service delivery considerations for administrators and school-based mental health professionals as they begin to build a responsive, comprehensive model, or expand upon an existing model, across their district.

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