Advocacy and Assessment before Kindergarten

A Parent’s Perspective You may recall our friend Alex from the story Inclusion: A Parent’s Perspective.Today, as Alex prepares for her daughter to enter Kindergarten, she embarks on a new journey — one that is filled with love, uncertainty, and at times, heartache. Join Alex as she seeks answers and finds they aren’t so easy to come by. An Energetic Daughter My daughter is energetic.  She feels everything at about 150% and laughs with all of her being.  She is…

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Mindful Parenting

We’ve been really looking forward to this article. It’s that time of year when even the most mindful of people could use a refresher course on mindfulness. Schedules are packed. To-do lists are growing. People are scrambling to get their work done before winter break. Even the fun stuff – giving gifts, decorating, and going to parties – can start to overwhelm. Add kids to the equation and now you’re really spread thin. Add kids with disabilities and you just…

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How Inclusive Education Can Benefit Your Child

As a parent of an exceptional student, we understand that you want to partner with your child’s school to ensure the best programming. We help you understand what inclusion is, how it can benefit children with and without disabilities, and what recommendations are research-based.

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